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Hey guys! I’m Kayla! I’m 21, and I currently live in East TN where I’m studying nutrition in hopes to one day become a Registered Dietitian. I will be graduating with my B.S. in Nutrition in May 2019. I then plan to enroll in a dietetic internship. One day, I hope to have my own practice where I can counsel others on how to heal their relationship with food, make peace with their bodies, and love themselves.

I believe that wellness is a balance of nutrition, mental health, movement, and many more aspects of life. Society today has neglected many aspects of health and wellness and set impossible standards, and that’s something I hope to work against and show what wellness really means. I believe in living intuitively and listening to our bodies’ needs. There’s more to life than stressing about every little detail.

I started this blog to show the true meaning of wellness and inspire others to live a life of food freedom, happiness, and health. I plan to post about all things wellness, including nutrition and food, mental health, self-care tips, and ways to move intuitively. I’ll also be sharing all about my life. As much as I want this blog to help and inspire others, this is also a place for me. I’m excited to grow with this blog as I work through my education and career path. 

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Alex, relaxing with our two pups, Sadie and Sammy, exercising to feel good, cooking, and reading. Some of my favorite things are morning times, podcasts, traveling, coffee, cheese, ice cream, and wine. 

You can find me on Instagram here or Pinterest here

I’m so glad you found my page, and I’m excited to share my passion with ya’ll!